Burke advises changes to improve GAA

Burke advises changes to improve GAA

Roscommon boss Davy Burke believes that "innovative coaching" in the GAA has helped Gaelic football, but claims a number of aspects of the game should be removed to enhance it further.

Gaelic football has come under fire over the years for things like the blanket defence, lack of coverage, and just downright poor games between sides at different levels of the game.

However, Burke believes that the game is starting to heal itself because of the ingenuity and ideas being presented by the modern-day coaches in the game. He cites Derry as an example of one of the teams being coached very well under Mickey Harte.

“I think the game is already fixing itself, to be honest with you,” said Burke. “If you look at the scoring, I think we’re getting more high-scoring games, and I think this summer in particular you’re going to see far more high-scoring games than in previous years.

“What’s driving that? Coaching is, absolutely, innovation in coaching. And I do understand what the coach’s job is too; they’re entrusted to coach their team, and it’s a results business, and they ultimately just want to break down the opposition for their own ends.

“But I do think it goes hand in hand because trying to find a way to break the opposition down pairs up with more attacking, exciting, and innovative football. I do think it all goes hand in hand.

“I think the big push is already coming from within; it’s coming from the coaches and the coaching that is going on at the minute. Derry is a prime example of it, a really good attacking side, probably the top attacking side at the minute. They’re very exciting to watch."

Wicklow , Ireland - 27 June 2021; Wicklow manager Davy Burke (Photo By Piaras Ó Mídheach/Sportsfile via Getty Images)

In the past, Burke has made claims that competitions like the Connacht FBD League 'need to be done away with' and has once again offered his take on what needs to change in the game.

Burke believes that aspects like the advanced mark and the shot clock need to go. He believes the GAA organizers should look at the league and the full championship to get a bigger picture of what to change.

"Getting rid of the advanced mark is the obvious one," he added

"After that, there’s the shot clock, and there’s the possibility of holding men up the field, keeping three defenders and three forwards inside the 45, maybe limiting how many men you can bring back inside your own half, and stopping any back-ball once it goes beyond the midfield line.

"They’re really the only options that I see, or some version of those.

"I think they should have a close eye on the rest of the league and the full championship, though, and use the August, September, and October window to review, analyse, and scrutinise."