From a renowned musical family, exciting talent Barry Kirwan is now marching to his own beat

From a renowned musical family, exciting talent Barry Kirwan is now marching to his own beat

SINGER, songwriter, guitarist and drummer, Barry Kirwan comes from the very musical county of Tyrone, and indeed from a very musical family — Dominic Kirwan is Barry's father, and his sister and three brothers are all involved in music and the arts.

One of the rising stars of Irish country music, Barry will be showcasing his talents at The Irish Post Country Music Awards on August 30.

Like his father before him, Barry’s first taste of treading the boards was as an Irish dancer.

At the age of five, he joined the famous Seamus Kerrigan School of Traditional Irish Dance and enjoyed it so much he stayed until he was 18.

Meanwhile, aged 11, Barry augmented his musical profile by learning the drums – music had become his passion.

He was soon off to London to study at Drumtech college, part of the British and Irish Modern Music Institute.

Shortly after college, Barry joined his father's band as a drummer and backing vocalist for four years.

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In September 2010 he joined his brother Colm Kirwan in Nashville and played drums in a string of gigs in the very epicentre of country music.

Returning home in 2011, Barry worked with country singer Lisa McHugh before joining Derek Ryan as drummer and backing vocalist, a job he did until 2015.

Now pursuing a solo career, Barry still pops up to help members of his family if they need a drummer or backing vocalist.

Barry’s first solo single Keep it in the Middle of the Road, from his debut studio album, shot to the No. 1 spot on the Irish iTunes country chart and No. 2 in the British iTunes country chart – a foretaste, no doubt of huge success to come.

The Irish Post Country Music Awards take place on Wednesday, August 30 at The Armagh City Hotel, Co. Armagh. Join music fans from all over Ireland and Britain and book your ticket today.

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