Schoolboy writes another letter to Noel Gallagher asking to join him on stage

Schoolboy writes another letter to Noel Gallagher asking to join him on stage

YOU may remember the heartwarming letter from a schoolboy shared by Noel Gallagher on social media earlier this week.

Sam Fisher, the young man from Worcestershire invited Noel to give a talk about his antics in the Oasis heyday at his school in Staffordshire.

Well, today Noel shared a second letter from the same young man, and this time he’s raised the stakes.

Sam's form tutor, Mrs Harker, asked them to send a letter to someone they admired for a project in PSHE. On the day they wrote the letter he had a few quizzical looks - Noel Gallagher? Really? He came home a bit disappointed and asked if we thought Noel was appropriate (of course, we did). So he sent it off from school on Monday thinking he might get an 'official' letter back from the management company at best.
"Tuesday evening, Sam called me as he was waiting for the coach home from school to say Noel has posted his letter on Instagram. He said he was physically shaking... I thought he may have it wrong and one of his friends was winding him up, so I created an Instagram account and just laughed for 10 minutes straight at all the comments. By the time Sam was home from school, the post had about 45,000 likes and over a 1000 comments.... My wife and I just sat and read through the comments until late on Tuesday and laughed out loud.
"Sam went upstairs and started writing his 'reply' to Noel. He asked me to check it over, but I had no real input. He posted it yesterday morning and as I am working from home today I started receiving lots of emails from Youtube about new comments on a video of Sam playing Broken Arrow - a High Flying Birds song. I checked on Instagram again, and he has posted Sam's 2nd letter and replied again! Brilliant, the man is a gent. We have tickets for his show at the Arena Birmingham in May, I am sure Sam will have great night no matter how the evening pans out."
One thing is for sure, we all want to see Sam on stage with Noel next May performing Broken Arrow!