Ten things Irish people say all the time that involve God, Jesus and the Virgin Mary

Ten things Irish people say all the time that involve God, Jesus and the Virgin Mary

IT'S not surprising, given our deeply religious history, that plenty of  references to God and his family pepper our language. 

Walk down any street in Ireland, or talk to anyone Irish for more than a minute and you'll probably hear the Lord's name, but in several different ways.

Sometimes we use the Holy names to express anger or disbelief, other times just when you've stubbed your toe.

Here were some of the ways Irish people call on God, Jesus and the Virgin Mary to express themselves...

1. God almighty

Simple, straightforward and effective. Usually accompanied by an exasperated tone.
Example: God Almighty, give me patience!

2. God have mercy on us all

Usually used by Irish mothers in a highly overdramatic fashion, i.e. you forgot to buy the cranberry sauce on Christmas Eve and your mum is all like 'God have mercy!'

3. Jesus wept jesus

This two-word proclamation is famous for being the shortest verse in the Bible, but Irish people have taken to it and added a dash of sarcasm that the Gospel writer John probably hadn't intended. Accompany with an eye roll.

4. Christ on a bike 

This one's a little more blasphemous, but a bit like pigs flying, or blue moons it's intended to be an expression of surprise or shock when something unexpected occurs.

If you are in fear of being struck by lightning, or speaking to a nun, try Holy Moly instead.

5. Sweet mother of Divine

When 'Oh God', just won't do the trick, call upon his mother for some added panache. Sweet Jesus is also popular.

6. Mother of God

Again, this one is offered in supplication to Mary when someone has done something highly exasperating, unbelievable or incredibly annoying.
Example: Mother of God, will that child ever stop whingeing!

7. Jesus, Mary and Joseph

For those special occasions when you need all three. Comes in handy when Ireland are playing football.

Glenroe cast in Christmas shot (1987) Glenroe cast in Christmas shot, with Miley on the far left in his fave jumper (1987)

8. Holy God

This expression was made extra famous by the character Miley from Glenroe (played by the brilliant Mick Lally), who was as fond of using Holy God as he was of having  pint or fooling around with women who were not his wife in the hay.

9. Holy God above tonight 

Supersize your Holy God with these optional extras.

10. Sweet and merciful Jesus

If someone's done something to really irk you then why not let them know by throwing the kitchen sink at it?