16 common Halloween words in Irish and how to pronounce them
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16 common Halloween words in Irish and how to pronounce them

DIA DUIT gach duine, it’s time to practice your cúpla focail!

Halloween began in Ancient Ireland as Samhain (sow-win), a celebration of the end of the harvest and the beginning of the winter season—but these days it's more recognisable as a celebration of spirits, spooky stories and eating sweets until you’re sick.

The holiday is still huge in Ireland and massive in America, thanks to Irish migrants arriving in America to escape the Great Hunger, and for the descendants of those immigrants looking to learn some more about the teanga of their ancestors—or Irish people looking for a refresher course—we’ve put together a list of common Halloween words in Irish.

So without further a-boo…


Halloween – Oíche Shamhna – Ee-ha How-nah

October -- Deireadh Fómhair -- Derra For

Witch -- Cailleach -- Ky-lock

Ghost -- Púca -- Pooka

Skeleton -- Cnámharlach -- Knawv-arlak

Devil -- Diabhal -- Dia-vol

Pumpkin -- Puimpcín -- Pump-keen

Trick or Treat -- Bob nó bia -- Bob noo bee-a

Sweets/ Candy -- Milseáin -- Mil-shawn

Scary movie -- Scannán Scanrúil -- Skan-awn skan-rool

Halloween party -- Cóisir Oíche Shamhna -- Kosher Ee-ha how-nah

Games -- Cluichí -- Kli-hee

Apples -- Úlla -- Oo-la

Nuts -- Cnónna -- Kuh-no-nah

Ring -- Fáinne -- Faw-nyah

Haunted -- Cráite -- Kraw-ta