Tea, eggs and rashers – you won't believe how much the Irish consume in a day
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Tea, eggs and rashers – you won't believe how much the Irish consume in a day

AS a nation, Ireland spends €11billion a year on food.

When you break that down, the facts and figures revealing what that money goes on show what products the Irish are most partial to, which is interesting – if not all that surprising.

For example, did you know that the people of Ireland spend €4.7million on potatoes every single day?

They also down, collectively, 1.2million litres of milk per day.

With that in mind, how many cups of tea do you reckon the Irish get through in a 24-hour period?

The answer is 15million cups!

Yes, you read that correctly.

Further figures regarding the nation’s food and drink habits reveal that nine million snacks, 1.3 million packets of crisps and 1.6 million apples are every day.

While over one million rashers and two million eggs are consumed in Ireland on a daily basis, proving you still can’t beat a good Irish fry up.

Despite the modern ‘no carbs’ trend which has taken hold in many other nations, the Irish remain a country of bread lovers – with half a million loaves baked every day to meet demand.

This snapshot of the nation’s daily consumption levels comes via the new RTÉ documentary One Day – How Ireland Eats, which gives a glimpse into the 21st century eating habits of the population.

The producers explain: “Feeding a nation is a complex, interwoven, vital and never-ending process. Food is huge business in Ireland –  25% of workers are employed in some aspect of Ireland’s food supply network and as consumers, we spend over €11 Billion per annum on food.”

To watch the documentary, which first aired on January 21, click here.