The 12 occupations favoured by serial killers have been revealed

The 12 occupations favoured by serial killers have been revealed

SERIAL KILLERS are more likely to take up certain jobs than others, according to a leading criminologist.

In the new book "Murder in Plain English", Professor Michael Arntfield outlines the 12 professions that tend to attract serial killers.

Arntfield examined evidence collected from crimes recorded over the past 50 years to reach his conclusions.

In doing so, he was able to highlight a clear pattern when it came to the jobs these criminals take up.

According to Arntfield, the 12 most common professions can be broken down into four distinct categories based on skill, training, and turnover:

Skilled Occupations:

1. Aircraft machinist/assembler
2. Shoemaker/repair person
3. Automobile upholsterer

Semi-Skilled Occupations:

1. Forestry worker/arborist
2. Truck driver
3. Warehouse manager

Unskilled Occupations:

1. General laborer (such as a mover or landscaper)
2. Hotel porter
3. Petrol station attendant

Professional and Government Occupations:

1. Police/security official
2. Military personnel
3. Religious official

Speaking to IFLScience, Arntfield theorised that serial killers are attracted to these jobs because of a "combination of mobility, power (whether structural or actual), and the fact many jobs also simultaneously satisfy the underlying paraphilias, or sexual preoccupations, that also fuel killers’ crimes."

Another book, published by author David Jester, meanwhile, also concluded that most serial killers are born under the Taurus star sign, between April 20 and May 20, according to The Mirror.