Aldi criticised by customer over "sexist" parent and child car parking spaces

Aldi criticised by customer over "sexist" parent and child car parking spaces

ALDI HAS come in for criticism from a male customer who has branded its parent and child car parking signs as "sexist and unfair".

Speaking to Metro, the man, who wishes to remain anonymous, has hit out at the current design, depicting a woman holding a child's hand as "old fashioned."

"It seems that the onus is still on women that they must raise the family and manage this - which is unfair," he told the news provider.

The man, who made the discovery while visiting a newly-opened Aldi store, branded the design of the space markings as "a little frustrating in 2018."

"Does this mean Aldi are expecting only women and mothers to go shopping?"

"Should fathers and men park elsewhere? They are happy with the child having no obvious gender."

He pointed to the fact that many other supermarkets have now adopted designs that are non-gender specific and is calling on the discount grocery giants to do the same.

The comments come in the wake of similar criticism, this time aimed at tissue manufacturer Kleenex, over its "mansize tissues".

Kleenex has already taken steps to combat the issue having replaced the term "mansize" on its tissue boxes with the non-gender specific "extra large" tissues.

A bakery in Yorkshire, meanwhile, recently came under fire after a customer posted a picture online revealing that the outlet was selling gingerbread persons rather than gingerbread men.

However, in that instance, the bakery refuted any suggestion that the name had been changed to create a more gender-inclusive product.

In fact, they actually claim they have been selling gingerbread men under the name ginger persons since 1983.

They encountered some criticism even then though - mainly from the ginger community.