Alfie Evans has passed away at the age of almost 2 years old

Alfie Evans has passed away at the age of almost 2 years old

23-MONTH-OLD Alfie has died following a difficult legal battle between his parents at the hospital he was kept.

The youngster was suffering from an undiagnosed neuro-degenerative disease and has been at Alder Hey hospital for treatment since he was six months old.

In March of this year, the European Court of Human Rights said the decision of Britain’s High Courts to allow doctors to stop treating Alfie did not violate his human rights.

Alfie was was admitted to Alder Hey hospital with a respiratory tract infection and seizures, before his condition seriously deteriorated.

Alder Hey made the decision to stop treating him, saying that continued active treatment is futile and not in Alfie’s best interests.


The toddler’s parents, Tom Evans and Kate James, argued that their son responds to stimuli and “is showing every possible sign that he could to tell us that he wants to get better”.

The hospital though believe that “given the extensive damage in Alfie’s brain, any movements were reflexes and could not be the result of conscious or purposeful movement”.

Alfie's parents had fought a legal battle to take control of his care and had hoped to take him to Rome for treatment.

The case even attracted the attention of the Pope, who offered support to the toddler's parents.


Following a fight for their son to be released from hospital, the toddler has passed away at the age of 23 months.

According to the BBC, the child died after his life support was turned off 5 days ago.

May he rest in peace.