Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee confirms a movie of the hit show is in the works

Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee confirms a movie of the hit show is in the works

THE CREATOR of the hit Channel 4 show Derry Girls has confirmed that a film is in the works.

In what is nothing short of spectacular news for the show's masses of fans, Derry girl Lisa McGee has said she is working on the plotline for the film and plans to put pen to paper after Season 3 of the show has finished filming.

The long-awaited Season 3 has been delayed thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, but hype around the show is ever-present-- and the special episode which saw global star Saoirse Ronan appear alongside Clare, Erin, James, Michelle and Orlaith only added fuel to the fire.

Now the acclaimed writer has revealed the "long-term plan" is to create a movie of the hit show.

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She told The Ray D'Arcy Show:

"For a while I didn't know if it would work but now an idea is starting to vaguely form in my head, so after series three I'll think about that a bit more.

"I'd like to do it," she said, "and I think the cast would too so I think that would be the long-term plan."

Ms McGee isn't wrong about the cast being up for a Derry Girls film-- last year, we met Sister Michael actress Siobhán McSweeney, who admitted she's almost as eager for it to happen as the show's legion of fans.

"I'd love it to happen," McSweeney told The Irish Post.

"I’d love to do one. I’d love to see what adventures they get up to."

For now, the cast are waiting until its safe to return to filming before we can get series three, but Lisa McGee promises we will see our favourite characters "starting to grow up a little bit".

Watch this space...