WATCH: Fox News World Cup broadcast derailed by "F**k Trump!" bar chant

WATCH: Fox News World Cup broadcast derailed by "F**k Trump!" bar chant

ALCOHOL AND live TV can be a potent and dangerous mix as Fox News and President Donald Trump discovered to their dismay this weekend.

With soccer very much in the limelight ahead of US women’s national team’s clash with  the Netherlands in the World Cup final, Fox News decided to head to Lyon in France, where the game was being hosted, to soak up the atmosphere.

What they didn’t count on, however, was the level of anti-Trump sentiment they would encounter.

While President Trump remains a popular figure on Fox News, it would appear that sentiment isn’t shared by US soccer fans – helped in no small part by the President’s ongoing beef with US captain and star Megan Rapinoe.

Rapinoe is a vocal critic of Trump and has already stated that she would refuse any visit to the White House while he remained in office.

And it would appear she has plenty of support in that respect.

Broadcasting live from a Lyon bar following the US team’s 2-0 victory over the Dutch, Fox News found their report derailed by a resounding chant of “F**k Trump” which echoed throughout the bar.

Fox reporter Greg Palkot can first be heard telling viewers: “History has just been made!

"We are here in a sports bar in Lyon, France. Listen to it!"

Then the chanting begins, leaving Palkot flustered, to say the least.

Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe it was intended as a show of respect for Rapinoe, but Fox was soon forced to give up on the broadcast.

Rapinoe was undoubtedly the star of the day, scoring once and providing an assist for the US’s second.]

She ultimately finish the tournament with the Golden Boot and Golden Ball awards as top scorer and best overall player respectively.