Guinness tugs at the heartstrings with brilliant new advert celebrating the return of pubs

Guinness tugs at the heartstrings with brilliant new advert celebrating the return of pubs

GUINNESS HAS garnered something of a reputation for delivering brilliant adverts to promote pints of the black stuff and their latest effort is no different.

To mark the gradual reopening of pubs across the UK and Ireland, the creative team behind the iconic Irish stout have delivered a poignant reminder of what we have all been missing for the past year or so: freshly-poured pints.

The new advert is reflective of this, with the promo featuring a series of ordinary, everyday scenes from day-to-day life that just so happen to resemble a pint of Guinness to anyone with a return to the pub on the mind.

A lone pair of socks on a clothesline. An empty telephone booth. An overflowing garbage bin. Two elderly women chatting from a safe six-foot distance.

All of these scenes offered up share a black-and-white thematic look that calls call to mind the black-and-white contrast of a Guinness stout topped with that signature frothy, white head.

The inspired #LooksLikeGuiness campaign advert is rendered all the more poignant by its heartfelt soundtrack – a Jack Savoretti rendition of the classic ballad “Always on my mind” previously made famous by Elvis Presley and Willie Nelson.

It concludes in the best possible way too, with a group of friends sharing well-earned pints of Guinness together in a classic wood-paneled pub, with a text overlay on the screen reading: “Good things come to those who wait.”

Guinness has been busy gearing up for the return of pubs.

In April they sent out teams of quality control experts to clean over 200,000 draft lines — draught piping has been known to collect sediment, yeast and bacteria — in some 50,000 establishments.

All of which should ensure that first Guinness tastes every bit as good as you dreamed it would.