Irish presenter Laura Whitmore slammed for 'supporting' British army

Irish presenter Laura Whitmore slammed for 'supporting' British army

LAURA WHITMORE has come under fire for appearing to show support for the British army with a post on social media.

The 35-year-old took to Instagram to promote a new podcast series launched by the British army called The Locker.

She was criticised for her "ignorance and sensitivity" in showing support for the British army as an Irish woman due to the period of conflict known as The Troubles.

Whitmore received a mountain of abuse on social media, with one social media user telling her to "go kill yourself".

In her post she said she was "really pleased" to share the first episode where she speaks to a female soldier about her life in such a male-dominated industry.

"Really pleased to share the first episode of the new podcast series 'The Locker'," she wrote.

"Hear me talk about all things confidence, body positivity, being female in a male dominated industry & overcoming insecurities with the inspiring Ella, a soldier in the @britisharmy.

"Ella's body changed when she trained and she didn’t fit into the stereotypical 'feminine' shape but she is proud of her body and knows to accept and appreciate herself and her strength.

"Her life is very different to mine but I learned a lot talking to her. We also chat pressures to look a certain way and fit in no matter what you do and where you come from."

Hours later, Whitmore posted a tribute to the late John Hume, the man who lead so much of the peace process between Britain and the Republic, on her Twitter page.

She later defended her Instagram post, arguing that she was interested in discussing gender and body issues and wasn't trying to recruit people to the British army.

"This is not about ignoring the history book. This about progress and equality - something Hume promoted," she wrote on Twitter.