Irishman shares brilliant story of what happened when he was stopped at a Garda checkpoint

Irishman shares brilliant story of what happened when he was stopped at a Garda checkpoint

AN IRISHMAN has provided some much-needed levity during lockdown after sharing the hilarious exchange he enjoyed with a Garda officer posted at a Dublin checkpoint. 

As part of Ireland’s coronavirus restrictions, Covid-19 travel checkpoints have been set up so Garda officers can quiz drivers on the purpose of their trip. 

All non-essential travel is prohibited under the rules while the public has been advised to remain within 5km of their homes. 

However, one garda officer was left with little choice but to make an exception when it came to Doug Leddin, a marketing manager from Dublin. 

Because, as it turned out, Doug and his partner were on an essential trip : to stop their young baby from crying. 

Doug took to Twitter to regale his followers with the hilarious and heart-warming exchange. 

“Is the purpose of your trip essential?” the Garda asked, to which Doug replied “yes, we're trying to stop the baby from crying!” 

The unnamed officer’s response was brilliant, with the understanding Garda replying simply: “‘Oh jaysus, nothing more essential, on ya go.” 

“Irish Guards can be gas,” Doug concluded before assuring his followers he was still abiding by the restrictions as he was only 3.5km from home. 

Doug’s short but sweet tale struck a chord with many across Ireland – especially the fellow parents. 

“I have done that a number of times a few months ago,” one wrote. “Thankfully that phase seems to have passed!” 

“Oh god, I’ve often remembered nights at stupid times driving around to get the baby to stop crying,” another recalled. 

A third adde: “We've all been there and praying for green lights all the way, any stop in movement can result in (tear emojis).”