Man loses nearly two stone in 20 days after swapping food for beer over Lent

Man loses nearly two stone in 20 days after swapping food for beer over Lent

A MAN has revealed the secret to the astonishing weight loss that saw him lose 26Ibs in the space of just 20 days: beer.

Fifty West Brewing Company Sales Director Del Hall was desperate to end his “addiction to food” so decided to do it by drinking two to five pints a day for three weeks.

There was method to Del’s madness though.

A keen beer historian, he took inspiration from a story, previously featured on The Irish Post, concerning a group of Bavarian monks who once got through Lent drinking nothing but beer after getting the go-ahead from the Pope.

“As a student of beer, I had always heard the story of the Bavarian monks who gave up solid food and lived in beer,” he told the Press Association.

“I wanted to fact check that idea by recreating it in modern times.”

The 43-year-old, from Cincinnati, Ohio, didn’t exist on a diet of beer and beer alone though.

He also drank water and enjoyed cups of black coffee and tea, minus any sugar, dairy or sweeteners, of course.

Del also took one multivitamin per day alongside a bevy of beers and kept a regular record of his weight and body-fat percentage during this time.

Given that Del drinks beer as part of his job and has a designed driver or Uber on hand as a business expense, he was in a unique position to try out a diet of this kind.

And while the results speak for themselves, he wouldn’t necessarily endorse it as a diet other people could follow.

“I would not recommend this as I am in a unique situation,” he told the Press Association.

“I drink beer for a living and all that comes along with that is a business expense.”

It might be better just to stick to a healthy balance of diet and exercise.

Or they could just try this potato-based weight loss diet.