Missing the pub? You can now rent your very own inflatable Irish bar

Missing the pub? You can now rent your very own inflatable Irish bar

AN IRISH firm is offering a novel solution for anyone missing their regular trips down the local pub. 

Lockdown has seen bars and pubs across Ireland shut their doors indefinitely, with people across the country forced to stay at home on and off for the past year.

Restrictions may be being eased off on the Emerald Isle now, but Guinness lovers still have a little more time to wait before pubs reopen. 

Thankfully, Airmax Inflatables has come up with an innovative way for beer drinkers to enjoy all the charms of the great Irish pub from the comfort and safety of their garden. 

The firm, which is best known for supplying bouncing castles for children’s birthday parties, has also begun offering inflatable Irish pubs for hire across the Co Dublin area and beyond, according to FM 104.

Everyone knows that one bloke down the pub who is full of hot air – but not many can say they have been to a pub that is literally full of hot air. 

These inflatable pubs look set to change all that that, and come in a selection of colours and styles to suit the discerning barfly. 

With additional options including tables, chairs, flooring, lighting and heating, in a matter of minutes you could be well on your way to recreating the long-lost pub experience. 

All you need to do is make sure you are fully stocked on beers, ciders and stouts. 

You may also want to think about getting a few drinks in for the rest of your family.  

Unless you’d rather drink alone, of course. No shame in that. It has been a long time, after all.