Murder mystery night proves a success for the Aisling Project charity

Murder mystery night proves a success for the Aisling Project charity

THE DETECTIVE hats were on for a night of supper and suspense at The Clayton Crown Hotel in Cricklewood.

A crowd came out to enjoy a murder mystery event coordinated by the Green Curtain Theatre Company to raise funds for the Aisling Return to Ireland Project.

“It was a great night,” The Aisling Project’s Mary Leyne told The Irish Post.

“The Green Curtain theatre company gave a hilarious and brain-teasing performance of their interactive drama, ‘From Flatfeet to Flatline’, which everyone really enjoyed.”

The evening’s entertainment included a two-course dinner at the iconic Irish venue, formerly the Crown Moran Hotel.

The audience were then invited to play Sherlock Holmes, as they examined evidence of the gruesome murder of a member of the fictional Flatfeet Appreciation Club in Kilburn.

They chatted - over their chicken dinner - with the club’s members, who were all prime suspects in the gruesome killing!

"With the background to the drama set in the fiercely competitive world of Irish dancing, author of the play Maureen Alcorn packed in plenty of London Irish references alongside red herrings and false leads to keep the group guessing," Ms Leyne explained.

Green Curtain Director Anne Curtis added: “The night was a great success and I expect Aisling will want a re-run as this must have raised quite a few bob for the charity.”

She added: “Green Curtain could find themselves very much in demand for a unique theatrical experience for anyone who fancies a night out featuring poison-tipped Michael Flatley fan badges and cross-dressing Irish dancers.”

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