Quaint West of Ireland town bombarded by X-rated telephone calls meant for Britain

Quaint West of Ireland town bombarded by X-rated telephone calls meant for Britain

RESIDENTS of a picturesque Irish town have received a barrage of calls from people attempting to call British-based sex line Babestation.

Constituents of Westport, Co. Mayo complained to their local TD after several residents received wrong-number calls from Irish people seeking adult calls.

By not adding Britain’s 0044 country code when calling, Babestation's Irish customers have instead been getting through to people's landlines in Westport - leaving residents upset.

The plight was taken up by Regional Development Minister Michael Ring who said the situation had left local residents feeling “aggravated and annoyed.”

"They are getting these calls in the middle of night. One of those people has an elderly mother and family members all over the world and there could be a call at any time that they would have to take,” Mr Ring told the Sunday Independent.

People have also received calls from those trying to reach Sky TV’s helplines whilst forgetting to add Britain’s country code.

A spokesperson for the Irish telecommunications regulator ComReg told The Irish Post: "ComReg has been in contact with its counterpart in the UK and are trying to identify a solution to the issue as soon as possible.

“We advise anyone calling UK from the Republic of Ireland should always use the prefix 0044."

When contacted by The Irish Post Minsiter Ring said he would not be making further comment on the story but the Sunday Independent reports that he had been in contact with British regulator PSA in an attempt to bring an end to the problem.

Babestation – the self-styled home of “Sexy UK Models, Glamour Girls and Babes” – said they would not be commenting on the issue.

The British TV sex line has aired since 2002 on late night television channels in Britain. The adult channel is also available in Ireland on a number of TV packages.