Ryanair pilots vote to accept working conditions deal after summer strikes

Ryanair pilots vote to accept working conditions deal after summer strikes

RYANAIR'S Irish-based pilots have come to an agreement with the airline over working conditions after a series of strikes.

The agreement comes after five days of strikes by about 100 of the airline’s 350 Irish-based pilots.

Members of the pilot’s union, Forsa, and the Irish Air Line Pilots’ Association voted to unanimously accept a deal that was initially put on the table back in August.

It follows mediated talks between elected pilots’ representatives and Ryanair management.

The dispute arose around the issue of base transfers, promotions and annual leave.

The deal includes a specific section on base transfers and command upgrades, both key issues in the disagreements.

It was expected that Ryanair will remove the threat of job losses if the deal was approved by pilots.

IALPA spokesperson Captain Joe May said that while members fully respected Ryanair's operational model, they would no longer accept what he called the company's "highly problematic" employment model - but were committed to building a constructive relationship with Ryanair based on mutual respect.

He added: “After decades of declining terms and conditions, pilots in Ryanair have now firmly found a unified voice.

“When pilots are treated fairly and transparently by an airline, they will be motivated to contribute to their airline’s success, stay at the company and make their career with that airline.”