Santa calls radio station to reveal what time he’ll be arriving in Ireland

Santa calls radio station to reveal what time he’ll be arriving in Ireland

TO SOME people he’s Santa Claus while to others he’s known as Father Christmas.

Over in Ireland, he often goes by the name of Santy. One thing is agreed though: come December 24th he’s busy man, delivering presents to all the best-behaved children all around the world.

For children in Ireland, however, the big question is this: given that Santy is delivering presents to kids from countless countries all over the world, when exactly is he planning to make a stop-off on the Emerald Isle?

Well, it looks like they may finally have an answer.

In a surprising turn of events, Santa Claus decided to make a phone call to RTÉ's Morning Ireland to reveal when he would be heading to Ireland.


According to the big man himself, the plan is to stop over in Ireland at around 6:45pm tonight.

Apparently, Santy has been a little held up by the fact one of this trust reindeer, Blitzen, managed to get their hooves caught in a Christmas tree last night.

As a result, Blitzen requires a bit of veterinary assistance.

All of which means Santy might be "a little late getting to some places in the world".

Rest assured though, Santy is committed to ensuring all the boys and girls out there get their presents on time.


They just better live up to their end of the bargain over in Ireland by leaving out a can of Guinness and a mince pie for Santa and a carrot for his reindeer.