Tayto Park to be renamed 'Emerald Park' from January

Tayto Park to be renamed 'Emerald Park' from January

TAYTO PARK will be renamed ‘Emerald Park' from the start of January 2023, it has been announced.

It was announced earlier this year that the popular tourist attraction, based in Ashbourne, Co Meath, would be parting ways with the crisp company.

The new name was unveiled today by Charles Coyle, general manager of Tayto Park and son of founder Raymond Coyle,  and work is underway to re-brand all elements of the park before 1 January.

Raymond passed away in June of this year, with Charles now continuing to steer the attraction forward.

The Emerald rebrand was chosen due to Ireland’s nickname ‘The Emerald Isle’, given by international visitors.

When the end of the Tayto sponsorship deal was first announced the park commissioned research on a new name and Emerald Park was the most popular choice.

Other names which were considered include 'Megaland', 'Lands of Adventure', 'Legends Park' and 'Top Park'.

Niamh Reynolds, marketing manager of the park said:

“We made the strategic decision to not look for a brand title sponsor but rather create a new brand – Emerald Park which we hope will be supported next year by a number of strategic brand partners from various sectors – FMCG, energy, transport to name a few.”

Investment has already begun on new attractions for the park, with ground being broken this summer on two new steel rollercoasters with a budget of €30 million.