Tory MP labels Alex Salmond 'the new Parnell'

Tory MP labels Alex Salmond 'the new Parnell'

THE former leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party has been called “the new Parnell” by a Tory MP.

Alex Salmond was compared to prominent Irish nationalist figure Charles Stewart Parnell by Sir Bill Cash.

Staffordshire MP Cash made the comments saying that, if elected to the Gordon parliamentary constituency in May, Salmond would "ruthlessly and recklessly" disrupt Britain as much as possible.

Both were in attendance at the House of Commons, for an adjournment debate called by Gordon Brown, in which the former Prime Minister claimed his successor David Cameron may have “lit the fuse” on what will eventually blow the British union apart.


The former First Minister of Scotland has previously linked himself to Parnell, who became a historical symbol of Irish nationalism.

Salmond and the SNP pioneered the yes vote in the Scottish independence referendum last year.