Train line improvement funding to cut journey time from Dublin to Cork

Train line improvement funding to cut journey time from Dublin to Cork

ALMOST €92 million in funding has been announced for train line improvements between Dublin and Cork, which is expected to cut the journey time by 8-10 minutes and accommodate speeds of up to 200km/h at a later stage.

Another €2.5 million will also be used to enhance the climate resilience of the rail network and carry out minor upgrades to Limerick Junction/Waterford line.

Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan said about the funding:

"We made a clear commitment to public transport in the Programme for Government and the National Development Plan.

"Today we are demonstrating our commitment to mainline rail services, both of which will help us achieve our climate goals. Today’s funding will also provide an enhanced passenger service on the Dublin Cork line, and encourage more people to switch from car to rail."

The funding will be assigned to the existing Infrastructure Manager Multi Annual Contract (IMMAC), which provides the funding and governance oversight framework for the rail network and its infrastructure.

Jim Meade, Chief Executive of Iarnród Éireann said:

"The funding for the IMMAC is the foundation of the delivery of a railway infrastructure which is safe, and which develops to meet the needs of our customers.

"We welcome the continuing funding under the IMMAC, and additional funding which will equip us for improved journey times, and climate resilience and sustainability. Furthermore, it will create 150 additional jobs during 2022.”