2022 confirmed as Ireland's hottest year on record

2022 confirmed as Ireland's hottest year on record

MET ÉIREANN has confirmed that 2022 was Ireland’s hottest year on record.

In its annual climate statement, the national forecaster said that the year beat previous records which were set in 2007 and 1945.

The highest temperature records for July and August were broken in 2022 at Phoenix Park on 18 July when the mercury hit 33.0°C, which was the second highest temperature ever recorded in Ireland since 1887.

However, a recent study suggests that that 1887 record may be inaccurate as no other weather station in Ireland recorded more than 29 degrees that day.

This means it is possible that 18 July 2022 may have actually been the hottest day ever recorded in the country.

Overall, 2022’s average shaded air temperature in Ireland is provisionally 10.83°C which is 1.28°C above the 1961-1990 LTA.

This makes 2022 the warmest year on record, 0.06 °C warmer than 2007, the previous warmest year.

Three weather stations also had their warmest May on record, while heatwave conditions were reported at seven stations between 9 and 14 August lasting between 5 and 6 days.

Met Éireann issued Status Yellow and Orange heat warnings in July, as well as a Status Yellow warning in August.

Keith Lambkin, the Head of Met Éireann’s Climate Services Division said:

“Climate change has changed the odds of getting more frequent, more extreme heat related events. Thanks to over a century of dedicated weather observations here in Ireland, we know that 2022 brought us record-breaking extremes as well as what is likely to be the warmest year on Irish record. It is essential that we must continue to adapt to ensure our national infrastructures and planning are best suited to both current and future warming.”