Up to 20 people dead in Canada heatwave

Up to 20 people dead in Canada heatwave

A NUMBER of people have died because of a heatwave in central and eastern Canada.

A heatwave in Quebec has claimed the lives of almost 20 people in the past week.

Extreme summer temperatures have sparked serious health fears in the central and eastern area of the country.

Twelve people have died in the province’s capital, Montreal, where the response level has been raised from “intervention” to “alert” after a spike in heat-related calls to the government’s health information line and for ambulances.

Five deaths have occurred in the past 48 hours in the Eastern Townships, while at least two more deaths were reported late last night in a Montreal suburb, according to Radio Canada.


Heat warnings have also been issued for much of Ontario, Nova Soctia and New Brunswick.

Montreal reached a high of 34 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, a temperature that is expected to peak today. However, a severe humidity is making it feel closer to 40C.

It is expected to cool to about 24 degrees on Friday.

It is believed most of the victims lived alone and had no or limited access to air conditioning.

In 2010, a heat wave killed around 100 people in the Montreal area.

Last night, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted his condolences to the families of those who lost their lives, and warned people to be careful in the extreme weather conditions.