17 hilarious Mick McCarthy quotes

17 hilarious Mick McCarthy quotes

Mick McCarthy has always had a unique way with words.

His management style and brand of football might divide fans but few can deny his ability to entertain and amuse when it comes to dealing with the press.

In an age when footballers give increasingly bland answers to pre and post-match questions, McCarthy’s quick wit and occasional bluntness are a breath of fresh air.

There have been countless memorable moments down the years – here are just 17 of them.

17. On the result:


"It was a very enjoyable, terrific performance full of energy and good football and creating chances. Of course, the one cruel bit is in the 92nd minute when we conceded."

16. On the finished article:

"Inter have bought the finished article and there's no doubt he can keep improving."

15. On being eloquent:

"We're football people, not poets, but obviously I'm disappointed with the result."

14. On handling the pressure:


"It wasn't a monkey on my back, it was Planet of the Apes."

13. On how he spent his Christmas:

"I had a nice time over Christmas. I watched Eastenders - blimey, that makes my job look easy!"

12. On working his magic:

"At the moment we've got 16 first team players. My initials stand for Mick McCarthy, not Merlin the Magician."

11. On frustrated fans:


"Some people might be frustrated with that result? Some people can f*** off."

10. On giving up alcohol:

"I started [trying to give up alcohol] on Shrove Tuesday and then by Ash Wednesday something had happened, and I'd had a bottle of beer."

9. On pundit opinions:

"Opinions are like backsides, we've all got them but it's not wise to air them in public."

8. On what Jack Charlton taught him:


"Ensure that you're all inside the tent pissing out and get rid of any fellow who's outside the tent pissing in."

7. On fickle football fans:

"I thought I had seen it all when it comes to the fickleness of football folk. Then I heard Spurs fans singing 'There's only one Alan Sugar'."

6. On drug testing his players:

"We've got the drug testers here today. They shouldn't be going to see the players. They should go to see the officials instead."

5. On metaphors:

"I was feeling as sick as the proverbial donkey."


4. On fancy words:

"Anyone who uses the word 'quintessentially' in a half time talk is talking crap."

3. On where his team went wrong:

"I haven't got enough time to tell you - Match of the Day only lasts an hour and 20 minutes, doesn't it?"

2. On being favourites:

"I'd rather be favourites for Premiership relegation than favourites to win the play-offs."


1. On his regrets:

"No regrets, none at all. My only regret is that we went out on penalties. That's my only regret. But no, no regrets."