Brendan Rodgers says he is not a 'magician', but vows to keep fighting with Leicester City ahead of their game against Newcastle

Brendan Rodgers says he is not a 'magician', but vows to keep fighting with Leicester City ahead of their game against Newcastle

BRENDAN RODGERS HAS claimed that he cannot conjure up magic to help Leicester City with their ongoing problems, but did admit that he would continue to do the best he can for the Premier League club. 

The Foxes take on a resurgent Newcastle United tonight in the Carabao Cup.

Eddie Howe and the Magpies have exceeded expectations this Premier League season and many have backed them to finish inside the Champions League spaces.

Leicester, however, have had a bumpy ride over the last two years. An Fa Cup win with a poor Premier League campaign last year and this year have many people questioning if Rogers is up to the task at the King Power stadium.

The Antrim native spoke to the media ahead of the game against Newcastle and said the resources the north east club have make it easier for them to succeed

"I think I’m a decent coach, but I’m not a magician," said Rodgers on Monday.

"If you look at our net spend since I’ve been here, it’s about £10 million, in the three-and-half years I’ve been here.

"Compare that to our competitors, like Aston Villa, West Ham, Newcastle. It’s over £250 million. It’s a big difference.

"If you look at Newcastle’s net spend in the last year, along with the fantastic coaching of Eddie (Howe) and his staff plus the infrastructure from where they were to where they are now, they’re looking to build and create something.

"They’ll do it wisely and sensibly, but they have the resources to do that. So that’s the modern game and there’s no doubt they join that bracket.

"Look at some of the other teams – Aston Villa’s net spend over the last few years, West Ham too. It’s becoming a real challenge."

Despite this Rodgers has admitted that supporters shouldn't dismiss the possibility of another cup, after winning the FA Cup in 2020

"You have to look at the reality of it. It’s so important for every club that supporters can dream, but there is a reality to it and a reason why the trophies have been won in the main by the biggest clubs with the biggest resources, that’s natural.

"It does not stop us trying any harder or working any harder and we’ve proven in the two games at Wembley (FA Cup and Community Shield) we can take a trophy home.

"That will never cease while I’m here because that’s what we want to do and I know the players are very keen to do it as well."

Leicster take on Newcastle at 8.00pm tonight