Callum Robinson sings the praises of teammate Dara O'Shea

Callum Robinson sings the praises of teammate Dara O'Shea

DARA O'SHEA enjoyed quite a wonderful 2020 thanks to his performances for West Brom.

He helped his side get promoted to the Premier League, got capped for Ireland and became a household name among Irish football fans.

He even grabbed the odd important goal in the race for promotion, which is good going for a defender!

And given the nasty injury suffered by Sheffield United defender John Egan recently, we reckon it's a certainty that O'Shea will start at centre back alongside Shane Duffy.

While the West Brom defender has just turned 22, his teammate Callum Robinson has backed him to be a real success in a green jersey.

He said: "It's crazy actually because when I joined West Brom on loan last January, Dara literally just got in properly into the first-team. I think he played a cup game against West Ham and he did really well and kept himself in the team for the league games pushing for promotion."

Speaking to RTÉ, he continued: "I didn't see Dara before but since the day I walked in, he was always in the team from there on in and scored some key goals for the promotion push last year and then he's progressed again this year.

"Dara's the sort of player that I knew he'd be able to adapt. You could see even internationally, he played in the last few trips and just fitted in. It's just the way he plays. He's a calm player, confident in himself as well which is good and I can only see him getting better." 

While you may look at the Ireland side and wonder where our goals are going to come from, it could be Duffy and O'Shea coming up for corners that do the job for us.