Dessie Farrell wants proper review of Leinster Football Senior Championship after Louth hammering

Dessie Farrell wants proper review of Leinster Football Senior Championship after Louth hammering

Dublin Senior Football Manager, Dessie Farrell, wants the GAA to review the structure of the Leinster Football Senior Championship after his side battered Louth in the Leinster final on Saturday.

The highly-favored Dubs won by a score of 5-21 to 0-15 in Croke Park. The 21-point win meant that Dublin won their 13th Leinster crown in a row and their 18th in 19 seasons.

Farrell, who has been a vocal critic of the provincial format, once again spoke about it and asked the GAA to change things for the betterment of the game.

"The GAA won't need me to tell them this, of course. For years, I've been banging that particular drum. Look, I get it, it's quite political. Provincial councils have been established for a long time and feel that they have a role and a responsibility and that their contribution is important to the GAA," said Farrell.

"While that is definitely the case, I think it's probably time to have a proper review of the competition and see who benefits from these big wins, the big discrepancies between teams. Is there a better mixture? So my tune hasn't changed on that in a number of years."

Despite Farrell's frustrations about Dublin's dominance, the GAA has tried to improve the structure of the All-Ireland Football Championship beyond the provincial stage.

The 16 counties competing for this year's All-Ireland Football Championship were drawn into four seeded groups, with each group containing four teams. The draw was made after the four provincial championships. Teams who won their provincial championships were seeded first, with the losing finalists entering as second seeds.

Dublin will now enter the new All-Ireland Series group with the likes of Roscommon, Kildare, and Sligo.

"This year is slightly different in that we're now going to step into the real competition, I think, and that's going to be very interesting and very exciting," added the Dublin boss.

"It's hard to accommodate everybody, I get that, and I'm sure it's very much on the GAA's, the Central Council's, and Congress's own radar in terms of what to do with the provincial competitions. It's something I'm sure they're going to look at."