John Kavanagh slams football fans in violent scenes before FAI Cup final

John Kavanagh slams football fans in violent scenes before FAI Cup final


UFC COACH, John Kavanagh has lambasted the people involved in the violent scenes outside a famous Dublin pub prior to Sunday's FAI Cup final between St Patrick’s Athletic and Bohemians FC.

The coach of Conor McGregor took to social media to ask the question as to why this type of behaviour doesn't happen in other sports like rugby, GAA, and the NFL.

Kavanagh said he had been to events like this and said that banter with opposition fans is usually the outcome.

Kavangh tweeted;

What is it about football that attracts this behaviour? I've been to intense rugby, GAA, NFL etc matches and you can have a bit of banter with opposition fans but in football it's this every weekend. he said.


A follower replied to Kavanagh's tweet, claiming it was "passion" that fuelled crowd trouble but the Churchtown native replied saying: "GAA fans are passionate but they don't need riot police to separate them every weekend."

One follower also sent a video of Conor McGregor throwing the dolly through the bus window of Khabib Nurmagomedov, his long term rival. Many feel this was hypocrisy from McGregor's coach.

McGregor and his entourage stormed the Barclays Center searching for Khabib, eventually finding him on the UFC 'red corner' bus for the UFC 223 event after disputes occurred previously.

The scenes outside the Aviva marked a brilliant win for St Pat as they won on penalties.

Thugs dressed in black then hurled bottles and flares in the direction of a number of St Pat's fans with innocent bystanders and children getting caught up in the violence.

In another clip, an older man is almost hit by a flare that is carelessly flung in his direction in the middle of the street.

In a statement Gardai said they were investigating the incident, and claimed that “order was quickly restored by gardai” at the scene.