Paul McGrath was "so proud" when Jack Charlton remembered him in documentary

Paul McGrath was "so proud" when Jack Charlton remembered him in documentary

JACK CHARLTON sadly passed away in 2020, and he will be remembered as Ireland's greatest ever sporting icons.

His incredible legacy was recently remembered in Finding Jack Charlton, a brilliant documentary that looked at his amazing career, and his heartbreaking final years with dementia.

While the entire documentary was a magnificent watch, one moment in particular stood out for many viewers as the most emotional moment from Charlton's later years.

The former Ireland manager was looking at a laptop and a number of his old players were appearing on the screen, to little or no reaction from Charlton.

But one of his greatest players made his way to the screen, and Charlton recognised him in an instant.

"Paul McGrath", he said, as his eyes lit up with joy. It was a lovely moment, and it clearly meant the world to the former Manchester United and Aston Villa defender.

Writing in his Sunday World column, McGrath described just how it felt watching Charlton recognise him despite the fact he was living with dementia.

"I would like to thank all the people who got in touch to say how much they enjoyed my contribution to the Jack Charlton documentary.

"I really enjoyed my modest part in the making of it, and fair dues to my old Ireland captain Andy Townsend for all the work he put into it.

"Many people said it was a lump in the throat moment for them when Jack looked at his laptop and saw me and named me.

"I was so proud too. But afraid that the next thing that might happen was that Jack would then fling the lap-top at the wall as all the trouble I caused him over the years came back to him.

"He didn’t of course, and it was a wonderful TV programme that raised a massive amount of money for dementia research.

"Well done Andy, I’m delighted I was able to help you. Well done also to Pat Charlton and all her family for the way they helped put the programme together as their beloved Jack faded away from them.

"It was a worthy way to remember a great man, one to whom I owe so much."

Two legends of Irish football.