The Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association have slammed UEFA for the wheelchair allocation in the Champions League

The Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association have slammed UEFA for the wheelchair allocation in the Champions League

THE LIVERPOOL Disabled Supporters Association (LDSA) have slammed Uefa's allocation for wheelchair users for this weekend's Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

The final was moved to Paris after St Petersburg in Russia was stripped of the match following the nation's invasion of Ukraine.

The LSDA said that descion was 'bordering on exclusion and discrimination' after 550 wheelchair spaces were granted.

According to UEFA 93 wheelchair positions have been given out with 38 going to both sides

Ted Morris, secretary of the LDSA said: "We're really angry about it,"

He also added: It's not fair when bays are available. It is just wrong.

"I'd like Uefa to clarify what they are being used for. This affects both teams."

A charity called Level Playing Field wrote a letter asking for more clarification on the issue

Their letter said: "We call on Uefa to review their wheelchair allocation and provide more accessible wheelchair user space to the fans who make the Champions League final special."

Football's European governing body responded by stating that adding more seats within the timeframe was not possible. 

"For an event of this size, Uefa would usually aim to identify a higher number of [wheelchair] positions, but due to operational constraints (e.g. security, poor view, etc.) and the short preparation time, it was not possible to implement optimal solutions for more wheelchair positions," said European football's governing body.

In other news Liverpool have canceled the Champions League final tickets of 13 supporters caught offering to sell them online.

Fans of the English club were given 19,618 tickets of the 75,000 available with the rest going to Real Madrid and corporate associates of UEFA. 

Liverpool have been made aware of ticket touts selling tickets for increased rates and have stated that lifetime bans will be issued for anyone caught

There has unfortunately been an increase in the number of fans being defrauded, online in particular, by fake match ticket offers,' Liverpool said in a statement. 

'If any supporter is offered a ticket online, they should report it to LFC and to Action Fraud.

'Liverpool FC will not stand idly by and watch people try to sell tickets they have been fortunate enough to get access to via the ballot.

'All reports of ticket touting, or online ticket fraud, will be investigated in line with the LFC sanctions process. If a supporter has been found to have offered a ticket for sale online, this could result in a lifetime ban for that individual.'

The game kicks off on Saturday 28 May at 20.00.