Tyson Fury says Conor McGregor's best days are behind him.

Tyson Fury says Conor McGregor's best days are behind him.

TYSON FURY has taken a swipe at Conor McGregor and said his best days are well behind him. 

The pair went at it last week on social media when both fighters traded verbal insults on Twitter. 

McGregor called out the boxer by praising Khabib Nurmagomedov, McGregor's long term-rival.

Yup the Joyces. Big Joe! U bottled it with Billy joe Da, what were you doing there ? You left him, Versace t*** You .Done. Nothing, McGregor wrote to Fury on Twitter.

"Ya’s did it right he right hahahaha. Even when I’m wrong I’m right. Who did it right? The Mac daddy tonight, in the house. Miami d12! Bahamas."

The 'Gypsy King' responded and mocked the Crumlin native for his losing streak and said

"Come back when you win a fight," he said. "And the difference between me and you is I don’t get myself in trouble and people actually like me, you're just a bully who hit an old man."

Even though the jabs were traded Fury quashed any tension between the pair, but did say 'has been a good fighter in the past.'

Speaking to Queensberry Promotions, the heavyweight champion said;

"Yeah, that was Super Bowl weekend, a great time to get some publicity. Great timing, actually. We were trending all over Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Pretty good, pretty good work.

“I think he’s alright. He’s a good fighter, isn’t he? Or, well, he has been a good fighter in the past. It is what it is. Man’s doing his thing, earning a few quid, paying for his family. Can’t complain, can you?”

McGregor has earned a fortune out of the ring and is UFC's most lucrative star despite losing 3 out his last 4 fights and suffering a leg break last year. 

The possibility of Fury vs McGregor will never become anything more than a Twitter spat and that's probably good for McGregor's sake.