Watch: Roy Keane's hilarious reaction to England scoring against Senegal

Watch: Roy Keane's hilarious reaction to England scoring against Senegal

FORMER MANCHESTER UNITED CAPTAIN Roy Keane has been doing punditry for ITV for the Qatar World Cup and has come out with some excellent remarks this tournament, but the latest viral clip involving the legendary United captain is so relatable for many Irish people back home. 

England played Senegal in the last-16 on Sunday. Gareth Southgate's men faced a tricky test going into the game but were able to overcome 'The Lions of Teranga' as the game went on.

England went on to win 3-0 with thanks to goals from Jordan Henderson, Harry Kane, and Buyko Saka.

However, a clip of Keane's reaction to England's opening goal in the 38th minute from Henderson went viral across social media.

Former England footballers Gary Neville and Ian Wright celebrated exactly as you would expect they would, but Keane turned around and started jotting down notes, with an expression that told you everything.

The clip amassed a huge reaction from people online, especially the Irish

One user on Twitter said: "This is a normal Irish man’s reaction to an England goal, in fact knowing Roy Keane this is how he reacts to an Ireland goal."

While another said: "I think Roy was adding something to his shopping list."

That wasn't the only incident involving the famous Ireland captain.

Senegal fans have brought a wave of colour and noise to Qatar this year. The 12eme Gainde fan group have been spotted in the crowds for their game singing, dancing and playing instruments.

Keane, holding back no punches, labelled the Senegal support as  'very annoying'.

"Very annoying," the Irishman said."

"You'd think they'd calm down a little bit. It's getting on my nerves. It's lovely but it's annoying.

England play France on Saturday in the quarter-final (7pm), Keane believes that England have nothing to fear against the world champions

“[They are] still young, their best days are still ahead of them, they’re fantastic and they’re producing, this ended up being an easy game, but their performance made it an easy game.

“Second half they’re just at walking pace, [in the] the first half the damage was done, it was game over with the second goal just on half time.

“But these young players, will they be fearful of France? Absolutely not. Go and take them on, show some courage, bravery, because that’s what they’ve done for the last few years. Credit to them.”