Why you need to use apps for your business invoicing and billing

Why you need to use apps for your business invoicing and billing

GETTING paid is not as easy as the customer just forking over the money. 

Invoicing and billing is, for the most part, the finish line to all the hard work you have done. That is why business owners often take great pains to make sure that the figures are right. In this day and age, various kinds of technology can help you manage the financial side of the business. If you are one of the technologically enlightened, utilizing Wave invoicing and billing applications can be a part of your business. 

The Benefits of Using Invoicing And Billing Apps

People still stick to manual means of invoicing and billing and that’s not even the worst part.  The time it takes to complete the task of invoicing and billing to get paid may be compromised for a number of reasons. Fear not, as invoicing and billing apps minimize the mistakes that a business owner can make.

  • It Costs Little Or Is Free


You’d probably be wondering what a professional invoicing and billing system could cost you. You’ll be happy to know that these softwares are affordable. They can range from a monthly subscription of as little as $5 to $250, or absolutely free to use with no obligations whatsoever. The best ones even come with extra features for accounting and scanning that can also help manage the business. 



  • Easy To Use



Invoicing already comes with its own complications so you need an app that you can easily navigate. Manual operations would require you to keep paper files or hardcopies with details of the business and what you did for clients or customers. An invoicing and billing app will be able to keep track of all the details of the transaction, show the breakdown of the cost of services rendered, and  help you find your list of clients in one location. 


  • Gets Payments Faster


You can never be sure if you’re successful until the money is in your account and that is a fact. Sometimes, clients tend to forget payment for honest reasons. Invoicing and billing apps allow you to quickly create and send the invoice in a matter of seconds as soon as you finish the job. The sooner it is that you can send the invoice, the sooner you can get paid. 

  • Management Is Easier


Apps make it easier for you to keep track of which invoices are outstanding, already paid, if the work is unpaid, or if the payment is overdue. Invoice and billing softwares allows easy organization of your invoices so you can see which one needs your attention the most. In fact, it is so easy to use that you don’t need an extra employee to handle the financial aspect of the business. That also saves you money. 


  • Reduces Paperwork


How cool is it that you don’t have to keep paper trails so you can experience a clutter-free office? The invoicing and billing software is a cloud-based system where everything you need is in one program. And because you don’t have to keep paper files, using the app is environment-friendly. 


  • Convenient For Both You And The Clients


Using the app not only makes things easier for you but also for the client. They get alerts reminding them about making the payment so they won’t forget. After receiving the invoice and billing copy, they can instantly pay you outright using a debit or credit card. There is no need for them to go to the bank and suffer through long lines to pay you. Your customers also don’t have to pay any fees since you will be shouldering them instead. 


  • Accessible Via Your Device


Most invoice and billing softwares are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You can easily download them in your smartphone. You can also create invoices and billings on your tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, wherever it is convenient for you. Portable devices allow you to be anywhere and to make use of its features as long as there is a stable Internet connection. 



  • Payments Are More Secure


As a cloud-based system, there is no danger or risk that you’ll lose payments with its automated system. The apps have a secured 256-bit encryption with servers that are electronically and physically under protection. The apps must have a certification under PCI-Level 1 in order to be allowed to handle bank account and credit card information. You can also link payment systems like Stripe to your software. 

In Conclusion

Invoicing and billing apps allow business owners to concentrate more on business operations rather than on the administrative work. This software simplifies payments to make the process easier for both you and your client. There is less time to wait after their work is done, all the elements or breakdowns are present, and payment is secured and transparent. Using the app is more cost-effective as you can easily sign up for free and upgrade later for some services. It basically reduces the stress and awkwardness of asking for what you are owed. It serves as an “office” that you can bring along and access anywhere and anytime you need to.