Ryanair price cut brings New Year cheer for flyers

Ryanair price cut brings New Year cheer for flyers

RYANAIR flyers can expect to pay 10 per cent less on fares from the New Year after the Irish carrier announced plans to slash its prices in January.

The budget airline is hoping to attract an extra 5.3million passengers between January and March 2015 with the move.

With that in mind Chief Executive Michael O’Leary has raised the company’s annual profit forecast to £602million, he confirmed this week.

The initiative follows Ryanair’s recent attempts to offer a more “friendly” service, which has also seen them introduce allocated seating on all flights and soften their stance on baggage allowance and charges.

The firm claims passengers have reacted positively to the changes.

“It’s a new-found experience for me,” Mr O’Leary claimed, “but if it works this well I wish I’d been nicer to our customers much earlier.”

“It’s better late than never,” he added.