Bell X1 to release new album in June - hear new song

Bell X1 to release new album in June - hear new song

Bell X1 will release their sixth studio album, Chop Chop, on June 28.

The band announced details of the release last night with the album set to be self-released on their own Belly Up label.

A song from the album - Starlings Over Brighton Pier – can be heard here:

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The album was recorded last month at Tarquin Studios, Bridgeport, Connecticut. It was produced by Peter Katis and Thomas Bartlett.

Bell X1 will premiere Chop Chop live at The National Concert Hall, Dublin on Saturday June 29th, playing it in its entirety, before performing some songs from their back catalogue.

Frontman Paul Noonan said “Last summer the three of us got together in Dave's studio and demoed 15 songs. We returned to simpler times, when all around here was fields - piano and guitar, bass & drums... less computers and noises from boxes.

“Shrink the palette!  We've loved some of the records that Peter Katis has made in the last few years, and the cut of Thomas Bartlett playing with The Gloaming, so when the stars aligned for two weeks in January we made a record together - Chop Chop.”