Garth Brooks confirms he will reschedule Croke Park gigs

Garth Brooks confirms he will reschedule Croke Park gigs

THE 56-YEAR-OLD has reignited hopes for an Irish tour following comments made at the Country Music Association Festival.

The country singer was asked at the event in Nashville by an Irish woman Karen Green about a possible return to the Emerald Isle to play the gigs he had to cancel in 2014.

Brooks was due to play five nights at Dublin's Croke Park but after criticism received from local residents about the continued disruption the concerts would cause, the event licence was reduced to three nights.

To add fuel to the fire, Brooks announced that he would play five nights or none at all.

Replying to Ms Green, Brooks said of his plans to return to Ireland: "When it comes to Ireland, first of all, when that cancellation happened, it was probably the most devastating thing ever”


"We’ve talked about being sad, talk about being scared, that's probably the saddest moment of my musical career- what happened with Dublin."

He said the success of selling out was dampened by having to refund fans: "That happened probably after the coolest moment in my musical career - selling 400,000 tickets in one city, that's very sweet. To have to refund 400,00 tickets broke my heart."

"Not being allowed to play all five, I had to pick two of the five to cancel and I said 'screw that, I'm not going to do that to those people."

He thanked his Irish fans for travelling to see him despite the Croke Park controversy: "It was either all or none, when it became none, it was like 'come over here’ and I've been lucky to see the Irish flag at just about every concert that we do and I so thank them for making the miles over here and hope its worth it”

He said that he's already talked to concert organisers and those who "make the decision in Ireland" to let him know that if they can facilitate his tour, he will play as soon as possible: "I have 100% made the opportunity available to the people that make the decision in Ireland, to get those shows back up and get them running again."

"If and when they say yes, I will be there", he added.