Irish people living abroad wanted for special episode of 'Gogglebox Ireland'

Irish people living abroad wanted for special episode of 'Gogglebox Ireland'

IF YOU'RE one of the thousands of people who have left Ireland to find a life somewhere further afield, this could be just the job for you...

One of the most popular reality TV shows of the past decade is looking for a number of people to appear in a special edition of the show this coming Christmas.

Gogglebox Ireland, a spin-off of the UK version which first aired on Channel 4 in 2013, is looking for Irish people abroad who sadly won't make it home for Christmas this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The show sees families and friends gather around the TV to watch popular series, news reports and documentaries while voicing their opinion on each show, often with relatable-- and hilarious-- results.


This year, Gogglebox Ireland are looking for friends and families who won't be able to return home for the festive season to appear in a "very special" Gogglebox Ireland Christmas Edition.

The episode is likely to produce both laughter and tears as those appearing will be separated from their loved ones, but we're sure they'll be making the most of it all the same.

Applications are open to Irish people living in Germany, the United Kingdom and New Zealand, and anyone interested should contact [email protected]