Jamie Dornan on new series of The Fall

Jamie Dornan on new series of The Fall

JAMIE Dornan has hinted that audiences may learn more about the eerie and unsettling mind of his character, as The Fall returns for a second series.

Speaking to Digital Spy, the actor said: "You might find out more about him and his reasons for being the way he is.

"I think we set the precedent for that in the first series - it was always a 'whydunnit' - but that's probably explored slightly more in the second series."

Dornan said that reprising the role of serial killer Paul Spector was something he looked forward to, despite his hectic work schedule.

“I like playing characters who are fractured, broken. I find that more relatable, for some reason. I don't feel that I'm like that myself by nature, but there's just something that you can really grab hold of if people have a darkness in them, I think.

"I've had about a week off in a year and I'm absolutely knackered. I think they had to change a couple of things [in the schedules] but we're all here,” he added.

"There was a bit of juggling around, but my goal was always to make sure I was here. I found myself very eager to become him again."

Dornan was reluctant to commit to the possibility of the crime series returning for a third season, saying: "I'm not sure I'd be involved in it, for story reasons."