Learn traditional music with the Online Academy of Irish Music (Sponsored Content)

Learn traditional music with the Online Academy of Irish Music (Sponsored Content)


The Online Academy of Irish Music - Bringing online music tuition to Irish music enthusiasts all over the world

The Online Academy of Irish Music (OAIM) provides a  web-based platform for delivering the highest quality of Irish music lessons to Irish music enthusiasts all over the world .

The teaching is provided directly from world-renowned performers and tutors including Danú singer Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, Kevin Crawford (Lunasa), Tola Custy (Guidewires), Aidan O’Donnell (Fidil), Derek Hickey and Jim Higgins.

Based in Co. Clare, OAIM uses the power of the Internet to deliver tutorials that combine video, audio, manuscript and text into a coherent music class.

Students subscribing to OAIM are engaging with the Irish tradition in a new and innovative way and are learning Irish music using the materials and skills at hand today; computers, the Internet, and the expertise of some of the best teachers of Irish music.

Although the Online Academy of Irish Music utilises the power of the Internet, it's focus is on authentic teaching and learning facilitation. OAIM's learning techniques mimic the traditional experience of learning Irish music - by ear and sight.

Repetition and mimicry are steadily built upon with teachings on technique and style thus promoting the development of personal style.

Dr Orfhlaith Ní Bhriain, from the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick says " The Online Academy of Irish Music combines the benefits of one- to- one tuition with tutors of the highest calibre with easy access to modern e-learning from the comfort of your own home … students can access a diverse range of excellent tutors who share their expertise with flair and enthusiasm.

"This system is user friendly, efficient and offers an excellent service to those who wish to develop their knowledge of traditional music".

Tutors are hand-picked for their experience and expertise in the teaching and performance of Irish music and song.

OAIM not only offers music tuition but also live feedback from its team of tutors. Each course has its own engaging classroom chat forum where students can meet online and chat about the lessons with each other and with the tutor.

The OAIM provides exceptional value for money, unequalled within the current market for online tuition. For less than 25% of the cost of one face to face lesson, the student can receive tuition in the comfort of his/her room at whatever time is suitable. No more travelling to see a tutor and the lesson can be repeated many times at no extra cost.

Currently there are over 100 tutorials to hand equalling over 50 hours of tuition time and new courses are continually being added.

For approximately €5 per week (less than 2 café lattes!) the unlimited access to such experts must represent the best value to any student, whatever his /her skill level.

Lessons available for Tin Whistle, Bodhran, Song, Flute, Fiddle, Accordion, Piano Accordion, Mandolin, Banjo, Pipes, Guitar, Bouzouki, Piano, Harp

Join OAIM’s global community of Irish musicians, log on to www.oaim.ie and sign up today!

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