Michael Fassbender - I long for the Kerry countryside

Michael Fassbender - I long for the Kerry countryside

MICHAEL FASSBENDER says he longs for the Irish countryside after nearly two decades living in London.

The 36-year-old is hotly tipped to win an Oscar for 12 Years a Slave and is currently making headlines for his performance in Ridley Scott’s The Counsellor.

But despite the many benefits that come with such acclaim and a career trajectory that continues to rise, the Killarney man says he still misses his native Kerry and that Ireland to him will always mean “home and family.”

“I’ve been in London 17 years,” he told Metro. "I left Ireland when I was 19. They’re kind of balancing each other out in terms of the amount of time I’ve spent in both places. But it’s always great to get back to see friends. I grew up in the countryside. I long for the countryside when I’m in the city too long.”


In The Counsellor, Fassbender performs a sex scene with Penelope Cruz, whose husband Javier Bardem is also in the film.

Speaking about the scene the Kerryman said: “Javier did joke around when we were doing rehearsals. He came back into the room and was like: ‘I forgot something’ but those scenes are really awkward unless you’re both really into each other.

"The thing is to always make sure your partner in the scene is comfortable and doesn’t feel like you’re taking advantage of space and the situation.”