Saoirse Ronan lands her next movie role in adaptation of bestselling memoir

Saoirse Ronan lands her next movie role in adaptation of bestselling memoir

SAOIRSE RONAN has landed a new role in the adaptation of best-selling memoir The Outrun.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Ronan, from Co Carlow, will play Rona - a woman fresh out of rehab who returns to the sheep farm from her childhood in Scotland's Orkney Islands after more than a decade away.

The film will be based on the memoir by Amy Liptrot and directed by Nora Fingscheidt, who most recently directed The Unforgivable starring Sandra Bullock on Netflix.

The memoir is a Sunday Times top 10 bestseller and won the 2016 Wainwright Prize and the 2017 PEN Ackerley Prize.

It has been translated into 15 languages and has sold more than 110,000 copies in the UK.

"It was Amy’s voice that first drew me to The Outrun,” said Ronan in a statement.

"Her unusual way of seeing things in a way that perhaps you only can when you’ve been to the darkest place you can go within yourself. I have been waiting to play a part like this — the messiness, hopefulness, dreaminess, authenticity and humor we want to achieve — I’ve been scared of it, but with Nora I feel ready."

"There are wonderful gifts already in place to make this a powerful and immersive film,” added director Fingscheidt.

"One is the setting, the vast and cinematic landscapes of the Orkney islands; the other is our main actress, Saoirse Ronan, who brings magic to the screen with her unique mix of charisma and emotional depth."

Ronan will also produce the film alongside her boyfriend Jack Lowden and Dominic Norris under their new company Arcade Pictures.