Sineád O'Connor releases powerful new song in aid of Black Lives Matter movement

Sineád O'Connor releases powerful new song in aid of Black Lives Matter movement

IRISH MUSICIAN Sineád O'Connor has released a new song in aid of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The legendary singer has been vocal in her support for the anti-racism, anti-police brutality movement, which made headlines worldwide this past summer as global protests erupted in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and lack of justice for Breonna Taylor.

The song, a cover of Trouble of the World which was made famous by gospel icon Mahalia Jackson, went live on Youtube early this morning, and a video to go alongside the powerful track was released hours later.

The video is filmed in black and white, and shows the 53-year-old musician walking the streets with a protest sign alongside real images of protesters and crowds who had gathered to condemn injustice this past summer.

O'Connor's sign depicts an image of Mahalia Jackson herself, and the expertly shot video transitions between the streets, images of protesters and religious settings as Sineád sings:

"Soon I will be done/ With the troubles of the world / Going home to live with God."

The song was recorded in Belfast at the easing of lockdown restrictions, and the video was shot in Peckham, London-- the singer had documented her two-week quarantine on Twitter upon her return to Ireland.

Sinéad O'Connor in the music video for her new song 'Troubles of the World' in aid of Black Lives Matter (Image: Youtube)

Speaking on her cover of Trouble of the World, Sinéad said: "For me, the song isn't about death or dying.

"More akin, a message of certainty that the human race is on a journey toward making this world paradise and that we will get there."

All revenue from the digital sales will be donated to Black Lives Matter charities-- you can buy the cover, along with an Acapella version, here.