There's now an officially licensed Sonic the Hedgehog curry that turns your poo blue

There's now an officially licensed Sonic the Hedgehog curry that turns your poo blue

IN POSSIBLY the most bizarre video game product tie-in ever witnessed, an officially licensed Sonic The Hedgehog curry capable of turning your poo blue has been released.

Part of a ‘unique’ collaboration between Sega and Geek Life that's been made exclusively for fans in Japan, this culinary sensation looks set to take bathrooms across Asia by storm.

The stir-in curry sauce’s packaging states that the "curry colour is just as blue as Sonic’s brilliant blue!".

Even stranger still, it comes complete with a recipe that allows you to create your very own curry effectively replicating Sonic’s iconic visage.

So, you can basically eat Sonic’s face while he stares back at you, in a scenario that is in no way creepy. Definitely not weird either. No way. Honest.

The Sonic The Hedgehog curry. The Sonic The Hedgehog curry.

This curry-based treat has already been tested out by the good folk over at YouTube channel, Retro Core, who uploaded a video of themselves sampling the very blue dish.

Presented in a snazzy retro-style Mega Drive box, the curry might be rather odd looking, but it’s not too bad taste-wise.

The only drawback, according to the guys sampling the dish, is that it turns pretty much everything it touches blue – especially your turds.

"Yeah, I was a bit unsure that I really wanted to put that stuff into my mouth. It made my tongue and teeth blue and even turned my poop blue two days later. God only knows what colour the inside of my stomach was," they said in the clip.

Hmm. Sounds like one for the hard-core Sega/Sonic fans out there.