The ugliest houses in Ireland have been revealed

The ugliest houses in Ireland have been revealed

DO YOU live in Ireland? Did your heart sink when you read the title of this article? Did you find yourself whispering a desperate prayer to whichever entity might be listening that you wouldn’t find your house on the list? Well then you might consider redecorating.

An Instagram account has been set up dedicated to naming, shaming and photographing what it deems to be the ugliest houses in Ireland.

Like this one. Just what in God's name are those steps?


The account began in January 2018 and has since amassed 235 posts and over 4,800 fans, whom the account fondly refers to as ‘weirdos’. And it certainly is a page for weirdos-- no normal person would find this so hilarious. (Be sure to click on the arrow to see the next slide!)

The page is dedicated to poking fun at tacky, weird or just plain ugly houses.

Some of them look like something ten-year-old you would have crashed together on The Sims and declared a masterpiece-- except these were made by professional builders and architects. People got paid for this. Paid well.


Some are just designs that haven't been built yet, and we hope, for the sake of everyone's eyes, that they forget the project before it's too late. Like these god-forsaken things that looks like squashed Super Mario mushrooms.

Some don't even look real at all. I don't know about you, but when I saw this my first thought was that it was some type of squashed marble cake.

Why? Why would you have such a big house and so little windows? We recommend carrying a cross, a wooden stake and a necklace of garlic if you're passing this house because no human being would intentionally deprive themselves of sunlight like this.


This one looks like it's in physical pain. We don't know what the owners were trying to prove when they designed this, but it would look more at home at Legoland.

And we reckon whoever designed this had spent too much time watching The Hobbit.


Business in the front, notions in the back.

Yes-- this is the same house.

And this one looks like it drew inspiration from the jellyfish-filled trench in Disney's Finding Nemo.


And this one just makes no sense at all.

These ugly houses are just a sample of the hundreds of photos on the account-- and they still continue to be updated regularly, meaning any weird, notiony or window-less house could be next...