15 of the oddest Irish Guinness World Records
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15 of the oddest Irish Guinness World Records

WITH at least one copy of the latest Guinness World Records book likely to make it in to your home come Christmas, we’ve taken a look through the 4,000 records to pick out some of the oddest  Irish Guinness World Records in there.

Earlier this year Dineka Maguire from Co. Fermanagh smashed the world bog snorkelling record by just over a second when she swam two lengths of a 55-metre trench in Wales in one minute and 23.13 seconds.

Here’s 15 more odd Irish world records:

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1. Longest Marathon Playing Guitar

Dave Browne decided that he wanted to set a world record by playing the guitar continuously for 42 hours.

It was only after he began researching the challenge that he realised he would need to play for 113 hours straight instead.

The rules for his record-breaking attempt included five minutes rest per hour of playing, no more than 30 seconds between songs, and being unable to repeat a song within four hours of playing it.

Dave broke the 113-hour world record at The Temple Bar pub in Dublin, after rocking for a total of 114 hours, 6 minutes and 30 seconds.

2. Most Vertical Feet run in 24 hours

Essentially, this is running up and down.

If all that vertical height was added together, it would amount to a total height that would be just under the Armstrong limit, which is the point at which the human body can no longer survive the lack of atmosphere.

This feat of vertical feet was achieved by a team of 11 members of The Reek Challenge who ran 59,337 ft 7 in up and down Croagh Patrick, Co Mayo, in June 2011.

Each climber made 12 ascents and descents up the Croagh Patrick to arrive at the final total achievement.

Julian Finney Julian Finney gets ready to serve... just like one Irishman did 1,158 times in an hour!

3. Most Tennis serves in one hour

On 18 September 2011, Irishman Sean Rooney performed an impressive 1,158 tennis serves in one hour.

That is almost 19 serves a minute!

The record was set at the Co Wicklow Lawn Tennis Club in Bray.

round ireland wth fridge-n Why travel alone around Ireland when you can travel with a fridge!

4. Longest Journey with a Fridge

On a trip to Ireland, English comedian Tony Hawks once saw a man trying to hitch a lift with a fridge.

Amazed by the craziness of this event, he would later tell his friend (over several drinks) that Ireland was 'a magical place' where getting a lift with a fridge was possible.

Unsurprisingly, his friend didn't believe him, so a bet ensued: to travel the circumference of Ireland, hitch-hiking with a fridge.

The distance covered was 1,650km in a month, and the journey became the subject of Hawks' first book, 'Round Ireland with a Fridge', which was even turned into a film.

He also won £100 for the bet.

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5. Longest career as a live match commentator

Odd only because few television and radio stations these days would allow a commentator talk so much and so fast. Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh is a GAA legend who began his broadcasting career for RTE on March 17 1949.

His career as a live match commentator spanned a lengthy 62 years, until his retirement on October 30 2010, aged 80.

He became the longest-serving match commentator in the world, but he was also known for his distinctive and fast-paced commentary for the GAA.

The entrance at Newgrange - home of the world's oldest Moon map The entrance at Newgrange - home of the world's oldest Moon map

6. Oldest Moon Map

The Megalithic passage tomb at Knowth is thousands of years old, and during its excavation it was discovered that a beam of light from the rising moon would illuminate a particular stone at the back of the passage.

This stone, labelled 'orthostat 47', is carved with markings which illustrate the landscape on the surface of the moon, showing the shapes of the lunar maria, the dark flat plains.

This is the most ancient map of the moon that has been discovered to date.

leap year-n Three generations of the same family were born on a leap day

7. Most generations born on leap day

Usually world records are a result of physical endurance, hundreds or maybe thousands of people gathering in one place or unusual body parts.

In this case, it is purely luck that can be held responsible for breaking this record.

Peter Anthony Keogh was born in Ireland in 1940 on February 29, a leap day, which occurs only once every four years.

His son, Peter Eric, was born in the UK on the same date in 1964.

And incredibly, his grand-daughter, Bethany, was also born on a leap day in 1996.

There is only one leap day every 1,461 days, which means that the chances of three generations of one family being born on such a day are amazingly small!


adrian leonard-n Pilot Adrian Leonard broke the record solving Rubix cubes whilst on a unicycle

8. Most Rubik's Cubes solved on a unicycle

Solving a Rubik’s cube is an impossible task for many; however, Adrian Leonard decided to attempt the challenge on a unicycle.

Not only did the 42-year-old pilot from Northern Ireland complete one Rubix cube whilst balancing on a unicycle, he managed to solve 28!

This record was achieved at Mary Peter’s Track in Belfast on October 6 2010.

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9. Most heel clicks in 30 seconds - Irish Dancing

The record for the most traditional Irish Dance style heel clicks performed in 30 seconds is 191, and was energetically achieved by Benedict Devlin on the set of Guinness World Records – Smashed in London on April 23 2009.

The rules allowed any number of clicks to be performed in each jump and Ben could perform a maximum of four heel clicks when both feet were mid-air.

socks-n One Irish woman managed to wear over 150 socks on one foot!

10. Most socks worn on one foot

During the cold winter months some of us may be partial to wearing an extra pair of socks...or two.

But Fiona Nolan unbelievably managed to put on 152 socks on one foot on March 25 2011, at Enterasys Networks in Shannon, Co. Clare, Ireland.

The record was attempted as one of several initiatives by her employer Enterasys Networks (Ireland) to support the Irish Cancer Society's Daffodil Day Campaign 2011.

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11. Largest Irish dance

An astounding 10,036 people participated in the largest Irish dance at the Dublin Irish Festival.

The record-breaking event was organised by the City of Dublin, in Dublin, Ohio, USA on August 4 2007.

kilkenny hurling 2012-n Kilkenny were crowned All-Ireland senior hurling champions with a 3-22 to 3-11 replay win over Galway

12. Most wins of All-Ireland Hurling finals by a team

Odd in so far as in the modern era of sports, few teams have been so dominant in their field as Kilkenny. The Cats can claim the greatest number of All-Ireland Championships won by one team, with 34 victorious tournaments between 1904 and 2012.

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13. Fastest crossing of Ireland on foot (female)

The record for the fastest crossing of Ireland on foot by woman was set by Sharon Gayter of the UK, at 4 days 1 hour 39 minutes and 55 seconds.

She completed the record by running from Mizen Head to Malin Head in Ireland between March 25 and 29 2012.

The journey commenced at 7:00 am on March 25 2012 and was completed at 8:39:55 am on March 29 2012.

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14. Largest gathering of people dressed as Wally

The largest gathering of people dressed as Wally/Waldo was achieved at the Street Performance World Championship in Dublin, Ireland, on 19 June 2011, when an incredible 3,872 people took to the streets dressed as the popular childhood character.

Reckon you could win more than three Dublin Marathons? Reckon you could win more than three Dublin Marathons?

15. Most wins of the Dublin marathon by an individual (male)

Dick Hooper of Ireland holds the record for the most wins of the Dublin Marathon by an individual male runner, completing three during 1980 and 1985-86.