Halloween in Ireland: What will it look like under current Covid-19 restrictions?
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Halloween in Ireland: What will it look like under current Covid-19 restrictions?

HALLOWEEN is almost upon us, and you'd be forgiven for forgetting about it this year.

We've been a tad preoccupied with, you know, staying two metres apart and generally avoiding interaction with people we don't know for the last six months, so the idea of trick-or-treating seems - at best - a little tone-deaf.

Though we're all very used to wearing masks at this point (well, most of us) so that aspect of Halloween'll be easy to replicate this year.

Every cloud.

But anyway, with Covid-19 well and truly a reality we have to deal with right now, Halloween is going to look a little different this year.

Last month, the Government urged everyone to prepare for a 'Covid Halloween' and indeed a 'Covid Christmas' so here's everything you need to know about the spookiest night of the year:


Are we allowed to trick-or-treat?

Health experts are warning that it won't be safe for parents to take their children out trick-or-treating - unless there's a significant drop in Covid-19 cases in the coming weeks - though it hasn't technically been banned.

Dr Maitiu O' Tuathail, who runs a GP in Dublin, told the Irish Mirror: "Things could be different in four weeks. More counties could be going into lockdown."

"There's a possibility that Dublin could be moved to Level 4."

The GP went on to say that at Level 3, trick-or-treating would be risky, but technically could be allowed, but at Level 4 it wouldn't be possible, so kids and parents alike will have to keep an eye on case numbers and restriction levels.

Are Halloween parties allowed?

It's expected that most public events will be cancelled, or at the very least replaced by some sort of virtual alternative.

Bonfire events might be allowed though providing that the number of attendees doesn't get too high and public health guidelines are still adhered to.

With restrictions at Level 3, visitors from only one other household may come into your home, to a maximum of 6, so only small parties with a select few friends will be permitted. If you live in a Level 4, then no social gatherings will be permitted.

Will Dublin's Festival of Flame still go ahead?

Fingal County Council have said it won't.

Currently, Dublin and Donegal are at Level 3 of Ireland's Covid-19 alert system, which means only one visitor can go to someone's house and there's to be no social gatherings.

What have the government said about Halloween?

The Government and public health officials have steered clear of formally ruling out trick-or-treating altogether due to the constantly changing landscape, but it's expected that they'll encourage everyone to dress up at home and hold visual/online parties to celebrate the holiday.