Irish accent voted sexiest in the world
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Irish accent voted sexiest in the world

IS anyone surprised?

'Sexy' comes in many forms;

Cillian Murphy in a flat-cap; A freshly settled pint of Guinness; David O'Leary peeling away to celebrate scoring the winning penalty against Romania.

What we can establish is that Ireland is inherently sexy, and it seems the good folks at One Poll appear to agree.

The Irish accent has been voted the sexiest in the world, beating the likes of Italian, French, South African and even the amorously melodic intonations of the people of southern Outer-Mongolia (I know, they're tough to beat, right?)

The online survey platform quizzed 5,000 men and women about which accent has them swooning the most.

A spokesperson from One Poll suggested that "high-profile stars such as Colin Farrell have helped bring the accent more to the fore."

While that's likely true, we can't just give Colin all the credit. Our traditionally charming nature and upbeat demeanours as a nation will have no doubt played a part too - that and given our history of migration to all corners of the world, we tend to be romanticised a fair bit by all those who reminisce so fondly about our shores.

Here's the full list:

  1. Irish
  2. Italian
  3. Scottish
  4. French
  5. Australian
  6. English
  7. Swedish
  8. Spanish
  9. Welsh
  10. American

It isn't clear exactly which specific Irish accent those surveyed say they find sexy, or whether it's simply a mashup of all of them, but nonetheless, our impact on the ears of the world has clearly been felt (if our music hadn't already beaten our accents to the punch).

So the next time you meet someone who doesn't know you've got an Irish accent, just keep an eye on their knees, and watch them visibly weaken.