Woman who was technically dead for 27 minutes claims she saw heaven - and Jesus
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Woman who was technically dead for 27 minutes claims she saw heaven - and Jesus

A US woman has opened up about the out-of-body experience that saw her come face to face with Jesus and the pearly gates of heaven.

Mum-of-four Tina Hines from Arizona, suffered the first of five heart attacks as she prepared to head out on a hike with her husband in early 2018.

Though her partner was able to revive her using CPR, paramedics arriving on the scene later were forced to perform further emergency resuscitations on the seemingly healthy woman.

Though she has since made a full recovery thanks to the installation of a pacemaker and defibrillator, there was a point where Tina was technically dead for all of 27 minutes.

And it was apparently during that particular period that she came upon Christ and what she believes to be heaven.

It all started when she first regained consciousness following the extended period when she was “dead”.

Unable to speak, the devout Christian ushered those at her bedside to pass her a pen and paper. In a flash she scrawled two words on the pad presented to her: “it’s real”.

When asked to confirmed whether she was referring to the afterlife, she nodded in agreement.

Once Tina regained full consciousness, Tina went on to confirm what she saw.

"It was so real, the colours were so vibrant," she told AZ Family.

More than that, Tina claims to have seen Jesus in a haloed bright yellow glow, stood in front of a set of black gates.

Whatever your view on Tina’s account, she’s managed to make a believer out of her niece Madie Johnson, who decided to have her aunt’s scrawled message of “it’s real” tattooed on her wrist as a show of support.